Feng Shui is important to ensure your home and office, which produce the positive energy. Positive energy which release your stress and give you fresh environment in which you can easily rest you. In your office you are bore or not feel comfortable then you apply the techniques of feng shui which produce the fresh environment. Before the applying of feng shui you can check the things, which things are extra in your office. After the reduceing of extra things then your second step to open the windows of your office. Due to this the fresh air can be enter in your office room and you feel comfortable.You can apply the feng shu in your home. Your first step to open the windows of your home, second step reduces the extra things in your home. Third step you can build the pool outside your home’s room, due to this good quality air enter in your rooms. Feng shui can be easily apply in your home and in your office but before the starting feng shui, you understand the principles of feng shui are vry complex. It is most complex subject can be explain in the simple term, so here is the info on main feng shui and its applications.